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A 360 degree digital approach

We have no sales team, just talented people who cares and understand your needs.

At Kaliop Canada, empathy is a core value!

Step 1

Strategic planning

Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It's not a matter of being better at what you do, it's a question of being different at what you do.
Remember... Perception IS reality!

Step 2

Design and consulting

However beautiful the strategy, you have to pay attention to the results. It's by focusing 1st on your ROI that we will build your new platform.

Step 3


Strategy without process is little more than a wish list...

Step 4

Maintenance and support

A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all! We love to support our customers over a long period of time and participate in their success.

How can we help you ?

User experience & SEO

At Kaliop, every step is rigorously thought, from the specifications to the design of innovative user centered solutions.


The conception and design are not the only success factors of your site. A bad user experience can affect your traffic, your conversion rate and retention. Our interface design is based on research work (i.e. personas, user tests, experience map) and in-depth reflection in order to optimize the customer’s itinerary and the ergonomics of your sites.

Web indexing : SEO & SEM

A beautiful website has not value if it is not obvious on the search engines. That’s why we are committed to the foremost practices recommended by Google and Bing in designing the project to maximize your visibility at the launch of the site. Our experts can also accompany you on the best way to drive traffic to your site through natural search engine optimization (SEO). We do have a Google Analytics certification.


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